My stories allow me to play God, Queen, and Ruler. I breathe the life into my characters. They can experience living with passion and anger, or I can destroy them as quickly and painfully as I see fit. Writing is an art, allowing me to entertain, to awaken emotions in a reader, drawing them in to satisfy a thirst they did not know exists. - Suzanne Eglington

High Priority


Two people in an ambulance, guns ready, strapped to there sides. Each heist becoming more sophisticated, but their training budget was not. Delivering donor organs was a job, an easy job for the most part. The perfect job for, Tiffany Chanler, who didn't fit into the society lifestyle her parents groomed her in. Everything was going smoothly, until she found out about her fathers private life. Now her cargo became personal.

Genre: Romantic suspense thriller

Series- High Priority 1st book

           Priority Suspect  2nd book available May 1st 2020

The Dating Policy


Liking a guy is the highest level Mallory Kennedy will ever achieve in a relationship. Men were friends with benefits, keeping her life simple. When she swore a promise to her fellow office sister that she would be open to finding love, Mallory was no where near ready.

One year later, she couldn't get The Quality Control Office Manager, Todd Duvall, out of her head. He had his one year work anniversary approaching. This was Mallory's chance to be on his radar.

With one particular mishap, leading her to believe she had a chance, another manager pointed out the "No Dating Policy" she signed with the company ten years ago. Now she had to figure out a way to be with him and not get fired.

Genre: Mature Audience - Book 1 in the Mallory and Todd Series

The Marriage Contract


Eloping was the easy part. Everyone finding out before we could announce it, was the difficult part. Now, my family that I had little contact with is coming out to meet my new husband. Well, I am just glad Todd married me, before he could change his mind after meeting his new in-laws.

Genre: Mature Audience - Book 2 in the Mallory and Todd Series


Priority Suspect - Now Available!


Book 2 in A Tiffany Chanler Novel: 

Tiffany Chanler dating the man of her dreams, six months and going strong.
Her last injury about to be cleared back as an armored driver for Angel Wings organ donor transport service.
Life getting back on track. Agnes McMillan arrives, with Andy choosing Agnes over Tiffany, sending her back to her condo alone.

Genre: Romantic Suspense Thriller


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