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Assigned to G.H.O.S.T.
Pike Evans Trucking Adventure

Big Sky, United States highways. 30-year-old Pike Evans, a second-generation transportation driver, is in a three-year slump. With three things already gone bad this morning, luck has to change. Nearly getting clipped by a semi-tractor trailer is not the turnaround he hoped for.

Something’s not right.

The oversized teamster swerving ahead, and steering into the breakdown lane. Pike follows in his produce truck stopping behind the rig. Grabbing his phone off the dash, he approaches to see if the driver needs medical attention.

Government plate, no other markings. A slight mist rolling off the sides. He reaches for the handles pulling himself up to look inside. He calls, “You okay bud? You nearly hit me.” He sees the driver clutching his chest. Pike pulls the door open, and the man grabs him by the shirt with a free hand.

“These wheels must keep moving!” There's anger in his voice as he let’s go of Pike, holding his chest again. The driver incensed and desperate. “This is a National Emergency, kid. Less than a minute, the sky lights up brighter than the sun. Get in. We need to move this container, now!”

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One Shot

Two weeks to graduation. Pike has one shot to secure his position with the Ghost Fleet.
Completing his first special, Pike, Agent Morris, and team leader, Agent Kittrick, hitch a ride back to base with the Highland Yetis', who are Pike's next training partners.

First impressions fail within the Yeti leader, Eli Jackson, as Pike learns he is Agent Morris's older brother. The older brother that thinks his sister should be married and home raising babies. Eli isn't Pike's only obstacle, an unscheduled team member arrives before final check in, sending Agent Morris rushing inside cursing her objection of his presence.

With HazMat suits packed, as standard procedure, from their last glowing delivery, there appears another stowaway, crawling around the inside of the plane. Coincident or not, Morris was driving the truck they appeared on.

As people go missing, Pike is being pushed out by the Yetis'. Pike has one shot to secure his future, one shot to survive the Yetis', and one shot to protect Agent Morris and himself.

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Thunder Struck

An ear collapsing crack shook the building and ground beneath throwing everyone off balance. Clair shouted EARTHQUAKE! removing her glass and shoving them in the case like Cooper instructed earlier. Pike's eyes scrunched following how the air was bending in front of his glasses. Sharp peaks blipped with calmer lines following. It reminded him of the still pond out back of his Uncle's house. He would sit there for hours tossing pebbles and watching the rings from the water ripple outward.

Pike Evans Trucking Adventure

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