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My stories allow me to play God, Queen, and Ruler. I breathe the life into my characters. They can experience living with passion and anger, or I can destroy them as quickly and painfully as I see fit. Writing is an art, allowing me to entertain, to awaken emotions in a reader, drawing them in to satisfy a thirst they did not know exists. - Suzanne Eglington

 How To Train A Bullet : The Kate and Robert Chronicles


  ISBN-13 : 979-8655475182

  ASIN : B08BW9Y56J

New job, new home, new addition to the family. Roberts job has him fighting with fellow officers to hold a position given to him out of privilege.

A half dozen, seniority state troopers want him out. Robert uncovers discrepancies in the books. Uncle Jack protects his family but he cannot protect what is ahead for Kate and Robert.

Genre: Sexual Freedom- Mature Audience- Romantic Suspense- Book 5 in Te Kate and Robert Chronicles Series

She's Got The Jack : The Kate and Robert Chronicles



It hasn't even been a year since the wedding, but feeling as though they have lived a million lives together, filled with travel, romance, adventure and sex. Kate was finally understanding Roberts over protective nature as his past continues to unfold. Kate is his prize and everything he does is for them.
A new arrival changes things. Uncle Jack shows up in his usual manner, unexpected and uninvited, proving Robert to be an amateur in the older, wiser presence of Kate's Uncle.
However, with Jack's training, Robert could become a super cop as Uncle Jack's talents uncover.​

Genre: Sexual Freedom-Erotic Romance Suspense - Book 4 in The Kate and Robert Series

Beckham 101 : The Kate and Robert Chronicles


I married my husband after a week from our first date. Some say it was too soon; I say it was just enough. The only disadvantage is, I didn't know him all that well. What I am finding out, Robert thinks the solution to everything between us is sex. Some days he is more than I can handle.

Roberts past continues to surface. There are days I wanted to scream from learning what he has done, but to Robert, there is always a logical explanation to dismiss his decisions. Now I meet Jimmy Taylor, who has just returned from remote training. He is the best friend I knew nothing about, and the one who holds all Roberts secrets I want to find out.

Genre: Sexual Freedom- Erotic Romance Suspense- Book 3 in The Kate and Robert Chronicles

You and I : The Kate and Robert Chronicles


Following her heart Kate understood Robert is her destiny. What chance did she have against his sheer magnetism, the spell he cast upon her. She is enchanted by him with her eyes wide open, and all she could think about is wanting more.

Kate didn't know a lot about her new husband. She knew there were secrets. It was her mission to reveal them...but at what cost to her would his secrets unveil

Genre: Sexual Freedom- Erotic Romance Suspense- Book 2 in the Kate and Robert Chronicles


Inceptions : The Kate and Robert Chronicles


Kate Quinn woke up with her world turned upside down. Her first boyfriend of seven years failed her, awake with a vicious hangover, and  she is a hospice nurse that has to go take care of a dying man she has in her heart. If it couldn't get any worse, her soon to be ex's friend is coming on like a freight train. She needs a moment to breath but cannot catch a break.

Genre: Sexual Freedom- Erotic Romance Suspense - Book 1 in Series


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