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Available Fall 2022 

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Thunder Struck


 There she stood, what looked like five foot six, long golden blond wavy locks in a sundress at the restaurants' entrance. 49's mind racing on breaking the sudden news and developing a sweat. She was supposed to be dead. This was a definite kink in his plans.  


Pike Evans Trucking Adventure.

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One Shot

 Two weeks to graduate and Pike's final shot to make it on to the G.H.O.S.T. driving fleet.

After completing his first assignment, Pike, Agent Morris, and team leader Agent Kittrick tag along for the airplane ride back to headquarters with the Highland Yeti's who Pike must train under.

A bigger problem arrives. Jon Hanskon six-foot-tall, high and tight brown hair, and field ready in shape. Agent Clair Morris' ex-fiance, and her one regret. Meanwhile, in flight, an intruder is found compromising their safety.

Pike Evans Trucking Adventure.

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Assigned to G.H.O.S.T

Down on his luck commercial driver and military veteran, Pike Evans's core needed serious tweaking, immediately. By determining the way his morning began, fighting with the girlfriend, a miserable boss, and now rattled by a near side swipe from a semi tractor-trailer, his life was shifting in the wrong direction.


Pike Evans Trucking Adventures

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Romantic Suspense Thriller


Misfit socialite Tiffany Chanler rejected her spoiled upbringing with fight and flight.

Six weeks post MBA Graduate, still jobless, her father certain she would finally give in and come work for him.

That was until she signed on as an armored guard, delivering donor organs.