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Pike Evans Adventure Series:   It was better to ask forgiveness than permission
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Assigned to G.H.O.S.T.

Big Sky, United States highways. 30-year-old Pike Evans, a second-generation transportation driver, is in a three-year slump. With three things already gone bad this morning, luck has to change. Nearly getting clipped by a semi-tractor trailer is not the turnaround he hoped for.


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One Shot

Two weeks to graduation. Pike has one shot to secure his position with the Ghost Fleet.

Completing his first special, Pike, Agent Morris, and team leader, Agent Kittrick, hitch a ride back to base with the Highland Yetis', who are Pike's next training partners.


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Thunder Struck

Pike's eyes scrunched following how the air was bending in front of his glasses. Sharp peaks blipped with calmer lines following. It reminded him of the still pond out back of his Uncle's house. He would sit there for hours tossing pebbles and watching the rings from the water ripple outward.

Electric cowboys book cover

Electric Cowboys

When the guy you are stuck taking care of is a replica of the one man you can't stand, but you need him to save your clone, and keep him hidden from the mad scientist.


What started out as a simple mission turn upside down fast.


Dead team members, towering fire monsters, and finally back at base.

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