New job, new home, new addition to the family. Roberts job has him fighting with fellow officers to hold top dog position and leaving him vulnerable to people digging up skeletons linking him to murder.
Uncle Jack protects his family but he cannot protect what is ahead for Kate and Robert.

Book 5 in the Kate and Robert Chronicles.

Genre: Mature Audience, Adult Situations, Contemporary Romance, Steamy.

Not many commuters 5:00 a.m. Pike is forty minutes from his first delivery. Lights reflecting in his side mirrors show the Tractor Trail behind him can't stay in one lane. Pike signals, moving over, letting the rig pass. Something isn't right.
Pike breaking hard nearly getting clipped. The Tractor Trailer moves into the breakdown lane.
Pike follows in his produce truck, stopping to check to see if the guy needs medical attention. When he reaches the cab the driver pulls him in. "This is a National Emergency. These wheels have to keep moving or in 30 seconds, you will have two Apache's aiming all their fire power down on you."

Genre: Government, Military, Action Adventure, Thriller, Science Fiction


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