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New look and new feel to my website. It's still under construction, but what do you think ? #newlook

March 30, 2024 and so far so good. Progress so far - In Pike Evans Adventure Series the second book One Shot is available in Audio now. Both books, Thunder Struck and Electric Cowboys will be the next to go audio and completed by this years end.

#Adventure #actionadventure #adventurebooks For all of you enjoying Pike's story line, it will be the end of the year or early 2025 before the fifth book is released. I am still pondering the afterlife, the hear and now, as well as the best trucking competition what I am naming the Stampede. I have to research the area in Texas to make sure I write authentic and give you the best action scenes that will pull you right in the action scene.

#fantasy #fantasybook #fantasybookseries #fantasyromance My shining star right now is Kiara Noir. I have waited 5 years to write this mother nature story line and it has become just what I wanted.

Kiara Noir is my main focus for 2024. The third book in the Mother Nature Series, Rebirth of Meredith Hallow, will be released June 23 or possibly earlier in June. I am still writing this book. I am pulling myself in dark places I don't want to go and there will be tears shed, heartbreak, death, victory, deceit from love ones and new alliances formed.

Starting with this 3rd book in Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series, I have decided to expand the storyline, giving each province their own book.

With the amount of fans reaching out about the love of Kiara's journey, they want me to build each province Homeland and the Enders Land govern.

That's going to be 10 accompanying spin offs. They are not going to be as long. I will probably keep them around 60,000 word count. Thank you for letting me know how much you are invested in this series.

#merchandise #bookpackages #bundles With the 3rd book well underway, I will be setting up an online store. Stuff like exclusive limited edition book covers in a book treasure package filled with fun book related merch.

#education #writing #writinglife #author #awards Did you hear? Born Torn swept the awards for Reader Views. Gold in Teen/Young Adult Fiction, Best book of the year in the same category, and the crown jewel, Bronze Award in overall fiction. I am playing with the advanced authors now.

New spin on my website. I will not be asking for your email or to sign up for a newsletter. I will write these when I have news or want to talk about something. They will all be posted for you to visit when you want.

#suzeglingtonauthor #suzeglington If you want to contact me please do. Questions will be answered when I can get to them.

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